Thursday, September 15, 2005

Getting back into it

The start of the school year for me feels like running straight into a brick wall. Especially when the kids started back 36 hours after arriving back from Britain. Phew!
I think I have worked out the after school stuff; 2 kids' soccer practices, piano and gymnastics, but unfortunately, no swimming. Can't fit it in! But I still haven't really added anything to this blog since July!
So if anyone out there is interested, apart from my Sockapal-2-za socks, I have been knitting the Isis Wrap, started ages ago for what seems like forever. This is knitted in three pieces with the back and the fronts having half sleeves cast on as you go. I like this method, but have found it tricky with lace to get the increases the same on each part.
I thought that I was almost through, but earlier this evening I was lining up the back and the left front, and saw that there was no way I could join them together without gathering the seam! I worked out that I had cast on 7 stitches too many on the half sleeve for the front. I had been hoping for a 3 needle bind-off (even though the picture shows that I have already bound off). I was screwed.

Time to rip back to the last increase.

I was really hoping to finish this and get on with the 5 new projects that are itching to go. I have the yarn and everything...


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