Sunday, July 03, 2005

Quick One.

A quick post while the kids and Mr KN are out of the house for 20 minutes. Here is the Boo trying on Jasmine for the first time over her pyjamas. She loves it and yesterday picked it out to wear to a fantastic BBQ at our friends' house.

After finishing Jasmine, I needed to get a new project going, but I am still waiting for my Addis Turbo #2 circular needles to arrive so I couldn't start my sock project.
Having read knitting blogs far too much recently I found a picture of a French Market Bag here and always being very late to the party I decided that it would be a great thing to knit. My first felting project too.

Then, on Friday afternoon I looked at the Ribby I had abandoned in the spring and decided that if I finished it I would probably never wear it because the gauge was all off and would never fit. Also the Peruvian Highland wool just seems too scratchy to me for a cardigan. I ripped out what I had started of the sleeves and decided that they were just the right colour for the French Market Bag instead.

So off I go and here is the result so far:

and the very tricky (at least for me) 8 stitches on 4 cable needles start:

The colours are going to change soon as I am knitting my 9 rows with no decrease and might even get a bit stripy; we shall just have to see.


Blogger JoanM said...

I bet your daughter loves her jasmine. It is very pretty. I have to admire your sidebar guages -very professional

6:25 AM  

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