Tuesday, July 05, 2005

(Not too sure if my) socks soar on 2 circular needles

Finally my Addis arrived so that I can knit my second Go with the Flow sock. The first one has been feeling very lonely, and I have think that I must look a bit (more) odd wandering around with only one on.

So out comes my Cat Bordhi book and I started knitting this sock with two circular needles for learning really. I hadn't realised that I should join the top of the sock by transferring the first and last cast-on stitches before, and that made starting much easier. Once I get used to a flapping needle on the "resting" stitches everything seems to be going quite well. But I'm not sure that I am going much faster because the transition between the two needles seems to take (me) quite a while, unraveling the yarn from the needle, and moving the stitches up. However, whether it is faster or not, it is a lot less awkward for me to handle, and I am not poking myself in the hand all the time.

So here is current progress on Sock #2:

And here is Boo yesterday taking it easy after two late nights

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