Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Felted finished things

Here are the results of the great felting experiment. I knitted the laptop case from IK Fall 05; it was a fast 5 day knit. The stripes are knit as usual, then the bag is made by folding the fabric in half top to bottom, sewing up one side and along the bottom. The triangles formed when the bottom is flattened are sewn also, giving the bag some depth.
Here it is complete with the resident laptop:

I like the overall effect of the felting and the feltings effect on the stripes; the single row stripes almost disappear into the colour next to them. I have not cut the handles yet - I have a fabric cutting phobia - but I am a bit concerned about the strength! I can feel the weight of the laptop pulling the fabric southwards! Once there are handles will the stretch get worse?? I am not sure about carrying the bag and laptop around by the handles too much. My plan for its use is more as a cushioning bag so that it won't get scratched inside my backpack.

Having done the laptop case I knitted a cell-phone cozy - in one evening!! I based it on the pattern in Stitch n Bitch, but made it bigger for felting. I estimated about 20% on top of the regular size and things have come out OK (a little too cozy, but the phone fits!). It came out of the felting experience like this
As usual I was so eager to get the things felted that I forgot to take before photos.
The flap on the cozy gave me a few problems, because I did not want it square. I tried casting off to make a round flap, and ssk & k2tog, but somehow they did not work; so I used short row shaping instead, and it seemed to work out fine.
I then added an I-cord loop and button made from leftover yarn from Boo's stripy Christmas present which makes it look like a kid's play phone!! I love it!
On Tuesday the kids and I are off to Blighty for our annual month of British-ness absorption! I have no idea if I will be able to download photos with the grandparents dial-up connections. So I have a slow and tortuous few weeks ahead!
I have my knitting projects to take and others to purchase for while in the UK. So there will be lots to keep me busy even if I don't write about it here.

If there are any of you out there who can recommend yarn shops in Edinburgh, Derby, Reading/Newbury, that would be great.


Blogger JoanM said...

Hi Kira,
You are doing some interesting projects. I have never tried felting. Is it difficult?

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