Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More felting on its way

As I mentioned I am in love with the process of felting. The FMB turned out so well (despite me not reading the pattern properly and the handles being a bit off)
and I still had a lot of Peruvian Highland wool left, that on Saturday I started the laptop case from IK Fall 05. Its knitted dimensions are 44" by 20" which means that I have to knit Boo's height in varying thickness stripes, which means I am about up to her hip at the moment:
That would have been perfect with a picture of a girl and a hip too wouldn't it? Too late - she's fast asleep!

Of course the problem with stripes is all the colour changes invariably lead to twenty thousand ends to weave in!

I must admit it is a lot of straight knitting, and although very fast, its extremely boring. I can't wait for it to be finished!!

Isis is my challenging long-term project, which I have finally got to the point where I can start casting on for the sleeves.

The Sockpal sock is coming along steadily, because it is my take-along project so it has "been" to swimming and gymnastics this week. Next week it will venture much further afield on a European vacation. I hope that it will find is partner over there, and they will have a great trip before coming back here to be posted off elsewhere in September! I might even be able to update the blog with its/their travels!


Blogger karine said...

i like the color combination you picked for your french market bag. i made one for my mother, for mothers day. it came out a bit smaller than i had expected but it was a really nice bag/project.

i just started my second one.

12:58 PM  

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