Friday, July 22, 2005

FMB, Isis & a cool trick!

FMB has gone a little fluffy, a little "bobbly" at the top. See if you can find the close-up.....

Nona has details of this trick on her blog!
The fluffy blobby bits were gained from the frogging of this not to be scarf which I somehow could not deal with last year
I don't really like knitting with fluffy yarn like this; it is a nightmare to unravel too, and a lot of tugging was going on last night while I ripped it to pieces. But I like the effect on the FMB. It's amazing how over half a scarf went into about 6 rows of the bag!

The Isis wrap is green and made of Knitpicks Shine etc. The gauge in the pattern is 17st & 24 rows to 10cm on large #9 needles (I think). Because its so holey I am knitting on #3 instead at 20st & 32 rows to 10cm. The problem for me is counting lace stitches for the swatch. Do I count the holes too? I have also had to do some very hard maths to work out how to increase the sleeves which are cast on and knit horizontally with the back... Here's what I have so far (with a hidden close-up!)

Can you see how the 1x1 rib leads so well into the pattern? I love it!


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