Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Virgin Territory

I have over the passed months become slightly obsessive with reading the large quantities of knitting blogs out there. I enjoy reading them so much that I thought I would like to join in. This is not least because I happened to find the Sockapal-2-zer sign up on the right day and felt like I should jump on board. I had just started my first sock (Go with the Flow from IK Summer), so I was feeling (over)confident! I felt that the possession of a blog with buttons down the side would make me a bonafide member of the knitalong!

My current (pre sock) knitting project is Jasmine from Rowan Junior which I am knitting in Shine & Shine Twist. I love the laciness of it and the frill at the bottom of all the pieces, but not the casting on of 380 stitches to frill the back! The pattern is simple and very easy to remember. I have completed the back and the front pieces currently and am working on casting on the sleeves. I have used cable cast-on because I find it easier that I don't have to estimate how much yarn to use as in Long-tail cast on.

I am enjoying this so far. Let's hope that I can keep it up.

Now off to cook dinner and find out how to get photos on to this blog.

So, I managed to get a photo in and realise that because I was using Safari most of the options don't get shown in the editor. A quick change to Firefox and I can see clearly! Of course the photo has nothing to do with the blog, but it was one of the ones uploaded to my iDisk, so is suitable for linking to here.


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