Thursday, June 23, 2005


Now that I have sorted out the strange invisible Sockapal2-za button (Thank you to gibsongirl on KR for that!) I feel that I can start thinking about the socks!

Boo & Moose had swimming lessons again today. Their lessons are at a pool that is right next to a great yarn shop! So after the required (discount) cookies from the equally close cookie bakery, we wandered in. I was in search of bright coloured sock yarn and the kids helped me pick out this:

Of course this was after they each decided that they would also like some socks. I have a feeling that this Christmas everyone will be getting socks!

So, do you like it? Do you think that my Sockpal will like it? The only problem that I have now is to work out the pattern. I have looked through both of my sock books and had a quick look on Knitty. At the moment, and given the tiny swatch that I knitted tonight I am leaning towards knitting Broadripple. It looks challenging enough to be interesting but not too much of a textured pattern that would be obscured by the varigated yarn. Unlike this:
Go with the Flow sock
which is a close-up of my first sock (Go with the Flow). I love it and its going to be great once I have its partner done, but it doesn't really do justice to the lovely pattern.

I have just looked at these sock photos and see that the yarn for my Sock pal does not look so different from my Go with the Flow sock at a distance. However, I much prefer the Lorna's Laces yarn colour. Much better to have purple than blue and green.

Meanwhile, back in the Golden Fleece, the kids & I had a lengthy discussion about buttons for Boo's Jasmine cardigan. The unfortunate thing was that all the buttons that we liked had only one or two buttons in the container. Also I have no idea how many buttons I need! So that will be a later trip to the shop! Its not really a problem because we are there twice a week anyway! HeeHee.


Anonymous nona said...

I love the color yarn you picked for your sockapal2za pal. It looks like the same yarn the socks I received from the last sockapaloza were knit in -- if so, it works up beautifully. My sock pal knit the socks using the "Retro Rib" sock pattern from Interweave Knits (Fall 2004 I think).

3:37 PM  

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