Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm swimming in the rain.

Wow, the weather has become strangely like (CA) winter again. We were out for the day at Monterey Bay Aquarium to visit the remodelled seashore part (very well done) and the clouds were threatening all day. On the way home it started to sprinkle, but by the time we arrived at the kids' swimming lessons the heavens were open and a full winter style rain storm started. The pool is outdoors and has nice tables and umbrellas on a wooden deck. The umbrellas were just about waterproof, so there we were sitting watching the kids swim in the rain! Quite fun for about 5 minutes. Had to come straight home afterwards and change!

The two knitting books that I had ordered from arrived today. Folk Socks and Socks Soar. I had found them in the library last weekend and felt that they were both worth buying. I am looking forward to trying my hand with the two circular needles technique. It seems to make sense to try it! As a novice sock knitter I found my first sock a bit clumsy with 4 or 5 DPNs. I could not get the hang of how to hold them. I did work it out by the time I got to the toe. I also need to work on my grafting which did not look as it should on the first sock; it seemed to have purl stitches where there should have been knits.


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