Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How I started, stopped and then started again (Part I)

I learned to knit in my teens (I think). My Russian grandmother crocheted and knitted; I remember the royal blue cardigan that she knitted for me to wear to school when I was at Junior School and also the large crocheted square blankets that were around her house.

But I cannot remember if it was she or my Mum who actually taught me to knit. And I can't really remember now what I knitted at that stage, although my Dad has found some large black piece in my wardrobe at home. At some stage I knitted a Rowan yarn jumper for my boyfriend (now Mr KN) that was probably in the early nineties.

I then got stuck on a Jaeger chenille cable gigantic tunic. Clothes were worn much larger, and so the back piece that I still have has basically a large green rectangle. I think that that got abandoned in mid-1992 because I went off travelling in Africa for a few months.

Strange that this really doesn't photograph very well...

Zoom forward 14 years(!) Married (for 9 years)and living in Northern California with two kids I suddenly felt the urge to knit again. I have no idea why I did not do this before when the kids were babies, and I now regret all the potential tiny items that I could have created. At the time though, I think that I was too busy coping with the parenting part!! The decision was definitely brought on by the realisation that small people would require smaller sweaters; it would be much easier to finish children's clothes than a large green tunic!

You will notice that I have not mentioned hats, scarves, socks or other small clothing items. Maybe it was the time that I started knitting, or what was available in Scotland at the time, but I don't remember books or patterns for interesting small items, or eyelash yarn that produces a cool scarf; so I get bogged down with the enormous tunic!


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